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The English company GoodFil LTD was established in 1969 in the county of Somerset, Great Britain. Its production facilities are located in Great Britain, the European Union, South Korea, Spain and Italy.

In 2001 the company began supplying vehicle components for European, Japanese, American, Asian and Russian saloon cars and goods vehicles to Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic States. They include vehicle filters (fuel filters, oil filters, interior filters and air filters), brake shoes, windscreen wipers, spark plugs and accessories.

Within Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic States its products are officially registered under the trademark GoodWill®.

The products are certified in classes ISO9001/9002, VPA 6.1.ECE R-90 (E-mark), which guarantees the best combination of price and quality, and full product compliance with the standards of automobile manufacturers. All products undergo mandatory certification at the Russian Central Motor Vehicle Research Institute (NAMI). Their distinguishing features are their high quality, which is no less than that of the original parts, and reasonable prices. The quality of GoodWill products is confirmed by the trust placed in them by numerous official dealer centres (Honda, Mazda, and Citroen), to which they are supplied.