Brake pad&shoes Print

GoodWill® brake pad, shoes are wholly reflective of the corporate slogan – HIGH QUALITY AT A REASONABLE PRICE.

GoodWill brake pad, shoes can confidently be described as spare parts which satisfy the requirements of car manufacturers. The manufacture of brake shoes uses cutting-edge technology and innovative designs and materials to ensure the following:

  • reliable braking;
  • rapid and excellent running-in ability with the brake disc;
  • stable coefficient of friction over a high range of variation in temperature, pressure and speed;
  • optimal wear resistance;
  • environmental safety (asbestos-free technology, absence of harmful metals);
  • comfort (each set of brake shoes has a sound absorbing layer);
  • increased corrosion resistance.

The high quality of the brake shoes is confirmed by testing carried out at Laboratory No. 5 of the Motor Vehicle Components Testing Centre of NAMI in Moscow. The tests are carried out in accordance with the rigorous demands on braking systems under the VAZ test method, and confirmed by an official test protocol.
GoodWiII offers various types of brake shoes for a broad range of vehicles. The range of brake shoes is constantly being expanded (Soon to be available).

Marking of GoodWill® brake pad, shoes:

  • 1***F – Front
  • 2***R – Rear
  • 3***FR – Front/Rear

Each set of brake shoes is vacuum-wrapped in plastic bearing the GoodWill logo, and packed in an individual branded box.

GoodWill recommends replacing brake shoes as a pair (left and right sides), and when replacing brake discs also to install a new set of brake shoes. It must be remembered that new shoes or a friction pair (Brake shoe/Brake disc) require lapping to achieve the designed braking efficiency, which occurs after about 200 – 300 km.