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GoodWill® oil filters reliably protect engines against the products of mechanical wear and particles from incomplete fuel combustion falling onto its moving parts. They have adequately high filtering capabilities (efficiency of 40 – 42 μ) . They are made from materials and components of leading manufacturers.

GOODWILL filters use filter paper from the AHLSTROM PAPER GROUP, KOREA, impregnated with phenol-formaldehyde resins.

The filters have two valves:

  • anti-drain valve
  • by-pass valve, sometimes called a safety valve

The anti-drain valve in GOODWILL filters traps the filtered particles, and prevents them from returning into the engine. It has a special design, and is made from a resin with high oil resistance.

The by-pass valves allow oil into the system where it cannot enter through the filtering element (if the latter is completely clogged or where the oil viscosity is too high, for example, in winter). This valve has been specially designed so that it provides reliable oil feed to the engine when it is operating in the conditions of the Russian winter. In all the filters the number of beads and recesses is increased, and they improve filtration efficiency and throughput.